Uscito “The Game” il nuovo EP di MaximusP


E’ uscito “THE GAME”, il nuovo EP di MaximusP (alias Massimo Panziera), 5 brani altamente adrenalinici stile pop anni ’80. Musiche di Massimo Panziera. Mixato e masterizzato presso il Cat Sound Studio.

It is an extended play, whose inspiration has been drawn from a multiple origin, which may be aiming to revisit the pop/rock sound of the 80s and 90s, through both ballads and songs having a more lively rhythm. The Italian singer and songwriter Massimo Panziera has already cooperated with several music bands in the district of Verona, both as a bass player and a singer.
His first musical experiences concern progressive rock and new wave cover versions.
Later on, he is a lyricist and a composer, as well as a writer of literature passages.

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